Alumni Unit - Tasks

  1. Preparing and implementing a plan of events and activities to train and qualify graduates, and provide them with the capabilities and skills necessary to compete in the labor market.
  2. Providing vocational training and employment opportunities for students and graduates, in direct communication with private entities.
  3. Providing means of continuous interaction with the faculty graduates.
  4. Introducing graduates to professional bodies and professional exams in their fields of specialization.
  5. Introducing final year students and graduates to the various electronic means and platforms to search for vocational training and employment opportunities.
  6. Providing the necessary data and statistics about graduates, especially with regard to employment rates.
  7. Update of the unit's website.
  8. Concluding agreements with different employers that are compatible with the pharmacist.
  9. Preparing questionnaires in cooperation with the Quality Assurance Unit related to the unit's activity, in order to measure the satisfaction of students and graduates with the activities and events offered by the unit.
  10. Preparing reports on the unit's activity.

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