Department of Pharmaceutical Technology

Vision of the Department

The department should have leadership at the local and regional levels in teaching and scientific research in the field of formulation and manufacturing of pharmaceutical forms, within an institutional framework through the Faculty of Pharmacy - Tanta University.

Mission of the Department

The department sought to provide advanced study programs to ensure the graduation of pharmacists with a high level of competence to advance health care. It also seeks to contribute effectively to scientific research, which contributes to the advancement of the pharmaceutical industry in an effort to advance society and develop the environment within the framework of the college policy.

  1. To increase the efficiency and develop skills of teaching, research and administrative cadres at the Department.
  2. To implement the research plan of the Department and to direct it towards community service and environmental development coping with the research policy of the Faculty and of the University.
  3. To develop self resources of the Department in a way that enhance its educational effectiveness and its institutional ability .
  4. To disseminate the culture of quality among all cadres at the Department and to motivate them to participate actively and positively in quality activities.
  5. To update and improve academic curricula of undergraduate and postgraduate stages, and to apply new academic programs that match labor market needs ​
  6. ​​

Postal Address: Tanta Al-Geish St., the Medical Campus

Postal Number: 31527

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Phone Number: 3336007 – 3336409 (040)

Internal Phone: 307

Fax: 040-3335466