Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Vision of the Department

  • In the framework of the vision of the Faculty and according to the peculiarity of Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry, as for education, the Department aims to quality a pharmacist with high level of competitiveness and professionalism, and to give him a wide scientific background that enables him to develop community through accomplishing his professional tasks with satisfaction and capability based on a sense of self-estimation as a pharmacist with high quality.
  • Regarding research, the Department aims to make highly assessed scientific papers that compete with international papers and to prepare researchers at high level of efficiency, challenge and enthusiasm who have the ability to think scientifically, solve problems and work in a team.

Mission of the Department

Through the vision of the Faculty and the Department, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry grants students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate ones, a wide and varied scientific background in the field of organic chemistry and pharmaceutical chemistry that qualifies them to develop medicaments and create new methods to analyze medicine.
At the Department, basics of some branches of chemistry are taught before starting to teach pharmaceutical chemistry.
In addition, the Department gives particular interest to clarifying the relation between the molecular composition of medication and its movement and dynamics in body, its biological effect and methods of analysis. Moreover, those chemistry principles are considered essential for learning formulation and development of medication whether in traditional ways or with the help of computer programs.

  1. To disseminate knowledge about the main features of some branches of basic chemistry sciences that include organic chemistry.
  2. To apply basic knowledge of chemistry sciences to understand the relation among the molecular structure of drug, its movement, its dynamics and its biological influence.
  3. To apply this knowledge in designing and development of medicine.
  4. To qualify students to grasp modern technologies used in drug analysis.
  5. To qualify students to grasp modern technologies used in designing and development of drug such as using synthesis chemistry and drug design software.
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