Community Service and Environmental Development Unit

Vision of the Unit :

The administrative Unit of Community Service and Environmental Development at Faculty of Pharmacy at Tanta University aspires to be an effective entity that participates in organizing and carrying out various programs of community service and environmental development through formulating strategies and mechanisms for presenting social and environmental services, and achieving influential partnership between the Faculty and community parties in order to fulfill pioneering of Faculty of Pharmacy at the local and regional levels in the area of community service.

Mission of the Unit :

The Unit identifies needs of community and surrounding environment, draws up plans of services that can be offered by the Faculty, determines mechanisms of meeting those needs, and organizes participation of teaching staff, their assistants and students in community and environmental service with the purpose of disseminating environmental and service awareness inside and outside the Faculty and establishing relations with external community in order to develop human cadres of employees, students and graduates, support the financial resources of the Faculty, and participate effectively in community service in the light of abiding by ethical and professional values in a way that prepares the Faculty to be an efficient contributor in environmental development and social service.

Address: Tanta, Al-Geish St.,The Arab Republic Of Egypt

Postal Code: 31527

Tel : +2 040 3336409 / +2 040 3336007

Fax : 0403336007