Vision and Mission - Community


The administrative unite of the Community Service and Environmental Development sector at the Faculty of Pharmacy; Tanta University seeks to be an effective entity to contribute to the organization and implementation of various programs for community service and environmental development, according to community needs through the development of strategies and mechanisms to provide community and environmental services. This is In order to achieve an effective partnership between the Faculty and the community in order to achieve the leadership of the faculty of Pharmacy at the local and regional level in the field of community service.


The unit monitors the needs of the community and surrounding environment, develops plans of services that can be provided by the faculty and mechanisms to meet these needs, and organizes the participation of faculty members, their assistants and students in the community and environmental service in order to spread environmental and service awareness inside and outside the Faculty. It aims to establish relations with the institutions of the external community to develop human cadres of workers, students and graduates. This is to support the financial resources of the Faculty and active participation in the service of the community in light of the commitment to ethical and professional values, thus creating the climate to become an effective contributor to the development of the environment and support community service.

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