Department of Biochemistry - Strategic Objectives

The department aims, through its human academic and research expertise, to implement the tasks entrusted to it, including:

  1. Building an environment that will provide graduates with skills and awareness of the ethics of scientific research.
  2. Providing the student with scientific and practical experience in the field of clinical techniques of biochemistry and its diagnostic means to be able to interpret the results of the analyses to reach an accurate diagnosis and follow-up of patients.
  3. Developing the scientific curricula provided for students to keep pace with global peers.
  4. Increasing awareness of the importance of clinical biochemistry in the diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
  5. Contribution to integrated scientific research in the field of chronic and cancerous diseases.
  6. Contribution to the qualification and preparation of cadres of graduate students, thereby contributing to the advancement of the educational and research process in the faculty and university.