Dean's Word
In the beginning, I sincerely thank you for your interest at Faculty of Pharmacy at Tanta University. At Faculty of Pharmacy, we cherish, have pride in and adhere to our traditions and policies that always aim to offer professional and distinctive pharmaceutical education, as well as providing distinct environment for research and pharmaceutical services center at the international level that aims to offer pharmaceutical services to everyone who practices the profession of pharmacy and to all community.

The mission of Faculty of Pharmacy at Tanta University is excellence and distinction in pharmaceutical education through having deep insight and merging pharmacy and science to upgrade all branches of pharmaceutical performance via qualifying graduates with the help of focusing on education, scientific activities, research and community service.
We also have a mission and strategic objectives that can be summed up in constantly presenting unique pharmaceutical education that does not only cope with progress in the area of pharmaceutical education with all its aspects but also participates in achieving a new breakthrough in all specializations of pharmaceutical education. Based on this vision and to fulfill those strategic objectives, the Faculty always encourages and provides all capabilities of scientific research in all pharmaceutical fields particularly those related to new areas such as biotechnology and nanotechnology.

The Faculty will keep offering suitable environment for continuous pharmaceutical education and presenting pharmaceutical services to all who need them.
Prof. Nahla El sayed Abd Allah Ashmawy

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