Dean's Word
Welcome to the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University. Located in the heart of the Egyptian Delta Region, the Faculty of Pharmacy stands as a reputable educational institution, which provides students with a practical and multidisciplinary understanding of the knowledge in the field of Pharmacy.
We are here to bridge the gap between the academic qualifications and the eligibility of the working field. The modern challenges of the medical field necessitate a deep, sophisticate approach to the scientific aspect of Pharmacy in order to meet those challenges. Hence, the Faculty of Pharmacy, Tanta University is committed with helping its students on acquiring the knowledge and skills necessary to cope with the changing needs of the working field.
Our distinguished professors in different departments come from varying academic and professional backgrounds, each bringing their own experience to the faculty for the benefit of our students and alumni.
We stay in close and consistent contact with our alumni, helping them with facing the challenges they encounter along their professional careers, thus, ensuring that the faculty's contribution to the society remains concrete.
Once again, I would like to voice our honor and gratitude for joining our community and standing in touch with our latest updates. We pledge to keep working on enhancing our capabilities to offer the best educational experience to our staff, students, and alumni.

Thank you and wish you all the success and enjoyment.
Acting Faculty Dean
Prof. Sahar Mohamed Elkhoobashey Elhagar