Information Technology Unit


Overview about the Unit


Information technology is considered one of the main elements that universities support in order to implement their basic tasks that are: education, learning, scientific research, community service and environmental development. Thereupon, ICTP financed a number of projects at universities and the Supreme Council of Universities.
Those projects increase the educational, research and administrative ability of higher education and scientific research system.
In addition, they seek to upgrade the scientific and training programs, curricula, and methods of teaching. They also introduce new patterns of education that cope with the international advancement.

 These projects are:


Current Projects


The Project of Raising the Efficiency of University Network and Information Center 


The Project of Integrating and Connecting MIS Applications


The Project of Completion of Activating and Operating Electronic Portals   


The Project of Presenting Electronic Educational Content


The Project of Activating the Digital Library, Completing Electronization of Libraries and Digital Repository  


The Project of Training in Information Technology


The Project of Establishing Electronic Services Units at Faculties

As ICTP seeks to activate information technology services to reach beneficiaries at faculties such as students, teaching staff and employees, establishment of IT units began at faculties. These units are considered the channel of communication among the six projects offered by ICTP at the level of universities and among different faculties. These units aim to increase the efficiency of projects at universities (Network, Management Information Systems (MIS), Training, Digital Library, E-Learning, and Electronic Portal) in addition to offering distinguished IT services to faculties.