Scientific Tasks


Scientific Tasks for Teaching Staff:


According to the Following Rules and Conditions:
- Teaching staff member who gained the PhD degree from homeland are preferred.
- Members of scientific tasks who gained the PhD degree from abroad are exempted from the condition of having a course in the language spoken in the country that hosts the scientific task.
- The professor's age must not be more than 55 years, the assistant professor's age must not be more than 50 years and that of a lecturer must be no more than 45 years.

The levels of Language and Computer:
The following levels of language and computer apply to members of internal missions, joint supervision and external missions as follows: :

Getting 550 degrees in the (International TOEFL) or 7 degrees in (ILETS) and if the foreign university requires a higher level, it must be achieved before travelling  

English Language

Having an intensive course from the French Cultural Council (9 levels) in addition to a certificate stating that this level qualifies for postgraduate studies at French Universities

French Language

Gaining the certificate of completing the basic stage of the nine levels (GIII) 400 hours from The Goethe Institute in Cairo, Alexandria and language centers in Assiut  

German Language

The required degree in the International TOEFL is 500 at least for travelling to non-English speaking countries in addition to the language of the country the member will travel to (French, Russian, German, Spanish or Turkish, etc.)

Gaining the International Computer Driving License (ICDL) 

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