In the light of encouragement of Tanta University on scientific research and due to its belief in the necessity of communication between it and the external world in addition to keenness of the state on giving interest to demonstrators, Assistant lecturers and lecturers who work at Egyptian universities, the University allocates a number of missions to them:


Missions of Assistant Lecturers to Gain the PhD degree inside Homeland :

1- Internal missions
2- Joint supervision missions (It is a must that a foreign supervisor participates in supervising the research) according to the following rules:
- The candidate's age must not be more than 40 years at the time of carrying out the mission.
- The applicant's registration for the PhD degree must not be more than 24 months ago at the time of nomination by the University and ratification of nomination must not be more than three years ago. It worth mentioning that the period of mission is 5 years beginning from the date of registration.
- The candidate has to have gained very good at least on the year of graduation.
- He or she must be an assistant lecturer for no more than 3 years.
- The period of the external part of the mission is a year that can be renewed for only another one.

External Missions for Assistant Lecturers and Demonstrators to Gain the PhD Degree

According to the following rules and regulations:
- The candidate must be a demonstrator who have worked for two years at least or an assistant lecturer.
- The applicant's age must be no more than 35 years on the date of announcement. Two more years are allowed for Al-Azhar graduates.
- The period of registration for the PhD must be no more than one year and a half at the time of applying for the external mission on the date of the announcement.
- The general estimation in the first university degree must be very good at least.
- The required level of language proficiency must be fulfilled by the candidate before travelling to the country he is delegated to.
- A statement showing the status of military service must be submitted (finishing military service or exemption from it).
- The period of the mission is 4 years beginning from the date of travel.

Cultural Affairs and Missions Sector at Ministry of Higher Education

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